Friday, March 20, 2020

Hi All,

Welcome to Congregation Bnai Torah's new blog.

We are separated from each other by the need to combat the spread of the Coronavirus, a disaster who proportions we do not know yet.

Yet - we do know that with G-d's help -in particular through the help of us engaging in the mitzvot of kindness and caring for our fellow He has commanded us with, we will make it through this and emerge stronger.  This is the first time so many shuls on so many continents  have been closed on a Shabbat for ages and ages

Please stay in touch. Please do subscribe to this blog on so others and I can share thoughts links, advice culled from many places and websites and much else. I will be posting links on facebook etc and the occasional email, but subscribing and visiting this blog will be the most efficient way of staying on touch

Please call, text ,email we can meet face to face using any of the video apps, and of course  all classes are posted on facebook live on B'nai Torah's facebook page here:

It would be wonderful to speak to each of you on a regular basis - even just to have the kind of schmooze we have at kiddush or  breakfast. This will go on for a while and want our congregations life and bonds tp go on as they always have -it"ll just have to be via various electronic "gaboim"

I will be posting regularly - please comment.

With my best wishes for your good health

(Rabbi) Shlomo Yaffe

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