Friday, July 24, 2020

Bnai Torah this week

Please contact Rabbi Yaffe for  Zoom login  information

Full Tisha B'AV information Follows Monday in a separate e-mail

Shabbat Times for Shabbat Devarim  7/24 - 7/25 2020:
Candle Lighting  7:58 PM
Evening Shema should be Recited (again) no earlier than 8:54 PM
Morning Shema on Shabbat 7/18 no later than 9:14 AM -Recite three paragraphs of Shema before Synagogue services.
Shabbat ends and Havdalah is recited after  9:04 PM

 Laws and Customs for Nine Days follow at end of email.
Tisha B'Av times
Fast begins Wednesday 7/29 8:12 PM 
You may sit on regular chairs on Thursday  7/30 at 1PM
Fast ends Thursday 7/30 at 8:43 PM

Full Tisha B'AV information follows in separate email at the beginning of next week 

Shabbat Services
Friday Evening  7/24 @7PM -The Next Phase in Our Reopening 
Actual Services in Social Hall:
Please observe all the directives  found in this document:
Please let us know if you are coming (You can still come if you forgot)

Public prayer is a contingent - although important, Rabbinic obligation
Guarding one’s health is a Biblical obligation of the greatest strictness 
Please remember these priorities!

Shabbat Morning 7/25  9AM - Service in Main Sanctuary 
Please consult with your physician before attending if you have any health concerns!
Please let us know if you are coming (You can still come if you forgot)
Please follow all directions of the Rabbis and appointed ushers. 
Please Stop by and come earlier if you can to have your temperature taken using our new, Israeli,  Tzomet Institute Shabbat Compliant thermometer.
Please observe all the directives  found in this document:
Please sit in the same place you sat last week

Morning Shema on no later than 9:14AM -Recite three paragraphs of Shema before Synagogue services. Recite all prayers (except Baruch She'amar)  before Mizmor Shir l'yom Hashabbat before arriving at Synagogue .We begin with Baruch She'amar and Mizmor Shir 

3.  Havdalah on Facebook Live  Motzei Shabbat 7/25 at 9:20 PM

Rabbis Office Hours: I'm here in the Synagogue taking and making calls from /to our members.
Since the synagogue line is tied up at times, please call on my cell phone: 
617.595.6437. In addition, you can email me on to set up a phone appointment.

In the coming week those hours are:
Tuesday 7/28       9AM to 10AM and 4PM - 6PM
Wednesday 7/29 9AM to 11AM and 4PM - 6PM
Thursday 7/30     Tisha Be'Av fast of 9th AV
Friday 7/31          9AM -10AM 
I look forward to seeing you on  Zoom and talking to you on the phone. Your calls and emails are a true pleasure.
     If you don't join our classes and services on the computer with Zoom, I am now providing a dial-in number  for each class and service, so you can use any phone to call in and participate in the class or service  

4. Sunday Zoom Shacharit service 7/26 @ 8AM

5. Zoom Shacharit Service : Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday@ 7AM 7/27, 
Thursday 9/30 special Tisha B'Av Schedule 

Zoom Service Mincha Tuesday  @ 7PM

Thursday 9/30 special Tisha B'Av Schedule 

Mastering Talmud Class Sunday 7/26  9:30 AM Buying, Selling and Price Gouging  - in  Tractate Bava Batra

Avot Derav Natan (Ethics of Judaism -expanded ) Daily -Tuesday Wednesday and  Friday  No Thursday class  8:30 -9AM

Torah -in Depth Weekly Torah Portion Tuesday  7/28 07:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) 

Also on Facebook Live:

No Wednesday class 7/29 -Eve of Tisha Be'AV - Service Schedule Forthcoming

Special Midrash Class on the Book of Lamentaions / Eicha Tisha B'AV Thursday 9/30/20   1PM  

Also on Facebook Live:

No Big Idea  class on  Thursday  7/30 Tisha Be'AV

The Nine Days
The first nine days of the month of Av, (Tuesday Night 7/21 – 7/30, 2020) and also the morning of the tenth of Av,  are days of acute mourning for the destruction of the first and second Holy Temples.

During this time, we don’t:

Eat meat (including poultry) or drink wine, for during this period the sacrifices and wine libations in the Holy Temple ceased. The exceptions to this rule are meat and wine consumed on Shabbat or as part of a meal that celebrates a mitzvah, such as a circumcision, bar mitzvah, or the completion of a tractate of the Talmud.

Launder clothing (except for children who go through all their clothes)—even if they will not be worn during the Nine Days—or wear freshly laundered outer clothing. Those who wish to change their clothing daily should prepare a number of garments and briefly don each of them before the onset of the Nine Days. Then it is permitted to wear these “non-freshly laundered” garments during the Nine Days.

 Swim or bathe for pleasure, remodel or expand a home, plant trees to be used for shade or fragrance (as opposed to fruit trees).

Buy, sew, weave or knit new clothing—even if they will be worn only after the Nine Days.
Exceptions to this rule: (a) If you will miss a major sale, or if the garment will be unavailable later. (b) For the purpose of a mitzvah, such as purchasing new clothing for a bride and groom.

We don’t cut nails during the actual week of the fast of Tisha B’Av—i.e., starting from the Saturday night before the fast until the conclusion of the Nine Days.

One may become engaged to be married during this period, but no celebration should be held until after Tisha B’Av.

Note: All these restrictions are in addition to the restrictions that apply during all of the Three Weeks

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