Friday, November 13, 2020

From Rabbi Yaffe: Killing time is murder most foul....

 Politics is the Yetzer Hara's (The Evil Inclination, Satan, whatever you want to call it) weapon of mass distraction.

Think of all the hours that we all spent on reading talking and posting about politics.
Imagine if those hours had been spent on finding ways to help particular marginalized and sinking people in our communities we know as individuals?
How many hours of Torah could have been studied?
How much could we have spent in some productive hobby with our kids?
Or cultivating some little patch of soil with them, or anything else that adds something to the world.
Maimonides says gambling makes a person unfit for testimony in a court of law or any public office because they contribute nothing by their activities to the development of civilization as he puts it " the habitation of the
The same applies to all this churning on politics. We all should study the candidates and then vote our conscience, but as to all these endless conversations, arguments, posts, and speculations: No one who matters is listening to us. No one other than our own little groups of friends on social media and so on and so forth are listening to us.
All the members of those little groups have already made up their mind. We are only seeking validation, not open-minded exploration anyways.
Time is the only thing we really own and its precious maybe we should resolve to stop wasting it.
I speak to myself as much as I do to anyone reading these lines.

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