Friday, June 12, 2020

Beha'alotcha 5780 Reopened Week 2!

Dear Friends,

We will be reopening for the second week on a limited basis this Shabbat for Shacharit at 845 AM.

All went well last week with everyone properly keeping to protocol 

Please consult with your physician before attending if you have any health concerns!

Public prayer is a contingent - although important, Rabbinic obligation

Guarding one’s health is a Biblical obligation of the greatest strictness 
Please remember these priorities!

Please follow all directions of the Rabbis and appointed ushers. 

Please Note: Please Arrive between 845 AM -8:55 AM to have your temperature taken using our new, Israeli, Tzomet Institute Shabbat Compliant thermometer.
Service commences at 9:00 AM
Please sit in the same place you sat last week

Before you consider attending please read the following document and we request that you RSVP before Shabbat (You can still come if you didn't but we prefer...)

A. Online classes and events 
Please contact us if you want to join on zoom!

4. Pirkei Avot (Ethics of Judaism) Daily -Tuesday through Friday 8:30 -9AM

Also on Facebook Live

5. Topic: Torah in Depth -Weekly Torah Portion Tuesday  6/16 @ 7PM

Also on Facebook Live

7. Not just stories: Midrash Class Thursday 6/18 1PM  

Also on Facebook Live

8. New Class: The Big Idea  Thursday 6/18 @ 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Password: 248365

Also on Facebook Live

Join us at the Zoom service at 7PM to hear the Sermon

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